Primestache Primestache Primestache Primestache

Primestache is a famous food truck from the Southern California and Texas areas of USA. The concept behind it is to bring the famous American hotdog and sausages to the streets of the cities making it more accessible and easy to purchase for customers.
What they wanted:
They asked for a main presentation website and an e-commerce one page where they can sale merchandise with the logo of the company. For the design they asked for a 1940’s butcher feel with main colors chocolate and white.
What we did:
The design is based on the original symbol of the company- the food truck, which is animated and gives the viewers an interactive experience. The design has a vintage allure to it and it overcomes a classic type of presentation website, making the food truck the main character. The client asked for an original presentation of their concept and they were open to any creative suggestions. Request an offer